Marcus Knudson Marko aka danilo_markus1



Marcus Knudson Marko 

aka danilo_markus1 

ID: 61050658776


⚠️ Soooo many names, but not one of those is close to the name of the real soldier

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  1. A man with that name started following on Instagram a few weeks ago. He tried to go very quickly from friendship to romance. When i started asking him questions about his unit or about Ukrainian history, he simply avoid the questions. He is using war press photos on his insta account. Of course, he ask me for money, i didn't send him any. I blocked him and reported him. But I'm sure his account is still on. I don't know who the real soldier is in the photos. I feel sorry for him. There is another account with almost the same name Marko Knudson marcus, i guess is also a fake. Do they know the real soldiers that their images are being stolen and used to scam people?


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